"Welcome to Kenny's Flower Garden"

Some of the most popular pieces are in this category. The floral sculptures have combined to create anklets, bracelets and necklaces intertwined with flowers. There are rings and earrings in the flower garden too. Of special interest is the flowered anklet and the 5 flower necklace – great gift giving items for Mother's Day & graduation.


"The Flower Necklace Collection"


13A. Necklace of 5 Flowers $225
13G. Necklace of 3 Flowers $175 (not shown)
13B. Necklace of 1 Flower $90
13C. Bracelet of 4 Flowers $165
13D. Bracelet of 1 Flower $69
13E. Anklet of 1 Flower $69
13H. Anklet of 6 Flowers $275 (not shown)


Daisy Flowers for Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring.
I created a collection of flowered necklaces, bracelets and earings using a repeating Daisy pattern.
Wear a necklace of five flowers (5#27N)$195
a smaller bouquet of 3 (not shown) (3#27N) for $145
or a single flower on a chain (#27N) for $75
A bracelet of of four (right ) (4#55B)is $150
or a single stem on a chain (#55B) for only $69

My Daisy Flower bud earrings are captured in silver to grace the ears. All earrings are for pierced ears.
$49 per pair. (53Post)

A. Snowflake Earrings $49
B. Love Earrings $49
C. Flowerbud Earrings $49
D. Token of Love Earrings $49

Snowflake Anklet $50        Token of Love Anklet $50
Daisy Anklet $69              6 Daisies Anklet $275

"The Squash Blossom Collection"

Full Squash Blossom Belt (bottom) & Necklace (left) $1225

Customized Squash Blossom Belt & Necklace from $475

 Belt Buckle (Centerpiece alone) $125

Squash Blossom Earring on post (below) $49 (enlarged for detail)

"The Full Flower Collection"

Please specify flower group (Snowflake, Flowerbud, Token of Love, Assorted)
Full Flower Choker $250
Full Flower Bracelet$175
Assorted Flower Bracelet $175

Full Flower Anklet $225

A. Snowflake Ring $39
B. Assorted Flower Bracelet $15035
C. Bracelet of 4 Flowers $150
D. Flower Bud Bracelet $175
E. Snowflake Bracelet $175
F. Bracelet of 1 Flower $69


Silk Rope Necklaces

(45P) Flowerbud $24.50
(53P) Snowflake $24.50
(52P) Token of Love $24.50

"The Dangling Flower Collection"

Please specify flower group (Snowflake, Flowerbud, Token of Love)
Dangling Flower Necklace $150

Dangling Flower Anklet $125

(45Post) Flowerbud on post $49
(53Post) Snowflake on post $49

(52Post) Token of Love on post $49

(45BWire) Flowerbud on wire $59

(53BWire)Snowflake on wire $59

<-Photos of post earrings enlarged to show detail. Wire earring photos (above) are close to actual size.

Flowered Rings

(152) Token of Love $49
(153) Snowflake $49
(145) Flowerbud $49



Daisy Flower Collection

Necklace & Anklet (not Shown) $48
Necklace of 9 Flowers $195
Earrings (Post or wire) $48
Bracelet $95

Daisy Flower Close up detail

"The Clover Collection"
A Collection of Hearts and Flowers
"Guaranteed to be lucky in love."

A. Medium Clover Post Earrings $90 B. 720 Clover Necklace $545 C. Large Clover Bracelet $325

A. Love and Peace Forever Bracelet $90 B. 342 Clover Necklace $325 C. Medium Clover Post Earrings $90
D. Small Clover Post Earrings $49 E. 10 Small Clover Bracelet $225


A. 122 Clover Bracelet $245 $39 B. 212 Clover Bracelet $245  C. 324 Clover Necklace $325
D. Medium Clover Post Earrings $90  E. Small Clover Post Earrings $49
 F.140 Clover Bracelet $245


 A. 080 Clover Necklace $325 B. Medium Clover Post Earrings $90


A. 140 Clover Bracelet $245 B. 0010 Clover Bracelet $245  C. 044 Clover Bracelet $245
D. Small Clover Post Earrings $


A. Medium Clover Post Earrings $90   B. 056 Clover Necklace $325 C. Small Clover Post Earrings $49  
D. Flower Basket Buckle or Pin $175


A. 043 Small & Medium Clover Bracelet $245 B. Assorted Hearts / Love & Peace Forever Bracelet $225
C. 060 Medium Clover Bracelet $245


A. Heart Blossom Earrings $49 B. Squash Blossom Necklace $225 C. Heart Blossom Bracelet $225



"The Clover Collection"
A four leaf clover of hearts

1 Large Clover w/ 2 Medium Clover Necklace $245

5 Medium Clover with 6 Small Clover Necklace $325

8 Medium Clover Necklace $325

1 Medium Clover with 2 Small Clover Anklet $145



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