Amongst the most popular designs I have ever created, The Heart or Dolphin, combined with the a variety of chains, creates a collection of necklaces, anklets, bracelets and belly chains that have become the hallmark of my career at the beach.

HEART or DOLPHIN Choker (16")
Choice of chain (Click Here) $90


HEART or DOLPHIN Bracelet Choice of chain (see below) $49

Choice of chain (Click Here) $49

Heart Choker $90
Choice of chain (Click Here)

A Dangling Heart Necklace $150 B Big Link Necklace With Big Heart $90 C Kings Twist Bracelet with Big Heart $125 D Royal Ball Heart Necklace $125
E Pair Of Open Hearted Earrings $150 F Dolphin Bracelet $39 G Deco Ladies Earrings $75 H Big Link Ankle Bracelet with big heart $75
I Hearts & Tears Post Earrings $49 J Small Heart On A 16" Chain $49 K Large flat Ankle Bracelet with Big Dolphin $59