A Collection of Silver Accessories from Kenny Goodman




Rings & Wedding Bands


Cufflinks & Studs

Keychains & Buckles


Pocket Pieces

Earrings For Men


For Office Or Den

Gifts For Your Honey

"Take a chance on life"



Pendants - A Collection of Small Sculptures Treasured & Collectable

King Neptune $75

Sail The Seas $75

Torch Of Freedom $60

Eternal Wave $75

Grand Old Dad $225

Pirate Pete $60

Pirate Doubloon $125

Pendants Priced Without Chains. To see available chains click here


"Surfboard Collection"

Inspired by the surfers of Fire Island, I created a collection of sterling silver surf boards and longboards.

All Come with a silk cord. (leather rots in salt water)

Silver Chains are available Click here

Does your group of friends want a custom board made?
Call Kenny for more details.

Catalog of Surfboards also available.

  Short Boards: $39
A. Surfer Baby
B. Silver Surfer
C. Flower
D. Smiley
E. Sunrise
F. Peace Sign
G. Side Stripe
H. Arrow
I. Gents Stripe
J. Deco Semi-circle
K. Stripes & Circles

Longs Boards: $49
L. Gents Stripe
M. Circles
N. Daimonds
O. Fair Harbor

P.Ocean Beach
Q. Feathers
R. Kismet
S. Gents Stripe 2
T. Champagne
U. Imperial

V. Circles


Star of David


NB10. Pirate
NB11. Bones
NB12 .No Nuts
*For those with Nut allergies
NB13. Pirate Rebel
NB14. Skull
NB15. Fire Island Fire Department $49

NB1. Kenny -$39 NB2. Ocean Beach-$39 NB3. I Love FI-$39 NB4. Jaws -$39 NB5. Shades -$39
NB6. Paradise -$49
NB7. Serpent -$49 NB8. Wave & the Moon-$49 NB9. Starry Starry Night-$49


To see available chains click here



Daddy $75


Wiseman $49


Sunshine $175


Little Buddy $49



A. Bead Bands

B. Circle of Friends
   C. Wedding Bands

Twist Bands
Wedding Bands

Love Ring $49
Sunshine Ring $195



When You say magical you have to
think of ABRA KA DABRA , $195
This Bracelet was inspired by Mickey Mouse's Sorcerer's Apprentice, in the Disney film Fantasia™.


The Eagle & Winged Victory , $175
came from Marlon Brando's The Wild One.
Winged Victory available alone for $50

Top - Kings Twist Bracelet - $75       
Middle - Royal Ball Bracelet - $75   
Bottom - Fancy Cable Bracelet - $95   


"Take a chance on life."

Abra Ka Dabra - $195                  Hammered Bangle -$75

Studs & Cufflinks




"For Your Formal Jewelry Needs"

Cufflinks $110 per pair     -     Studs $24.50 Each

Starfish Cufflinks & Studs
Star Studs Mini-Face Studs Surfboard Cufflinks "Take A Chance on Life" Studs

Keychains, "House" Keys & Belt Buckles




Fire Island
Belt Buckle $125
Belt Buckle $225




Mrs Bush Pewter Pocket Piece $39
Special - web only price $34.50
Buy 3 or more - only $29.50ea (includes free Shipping)

Available in: Silvertone brite or antique finish
Goldtone brite or antique finish
(please specify when ordering)

Also available in Sterling Silver $225
18k Gold $5000

The Breast

Pendant $90,
The Breast is my most sophisticated piece. An excellent touchstone.


Great gifts for the one you love !
"I love you" in your pocket.

Pewter Pocket Pieces "A Heart In Your Pocket" $3.50 each
"My Heart - Your Heart - Connected"
"My Heart Goes With You"
"You Have My Heart In Your Pocket"
My Heart Belongs To You'
Blank (for your own inscription)
"I Love You Mom"
"I Love You"

Discount Prices:
$30 per dozen
100 pieces - $200
500 Pieces - $900
Wholesale inquiries invited





Jewish Pride
Pewter Pocket Pieces $4.50 each
Never Again
Jewish Pride

Discount Prices:
$36 per dozen
100 pieces - $225

Wholesale inquiries invited




Earrings For Men



Silver Chains

Here is my collection of Sterling Silver Chains
Available with selected jewelry or by itself